What type of surfaces do we clean with our power washing service?

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House render cleaning

Brick walls

All outdoor surfaces around your house or all outside communal areas in residential blocks are continuously slaughtered from the weather conditions. Over time, grime, sludge, dust, and filth will inevitably settle down over the surfaces. This will be escalating further and all of these above will create a hostile environment for residents and it will transform into a slipping hazard.

Here are some areas in which our cleaners will provide jet wash service:


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How to pressure wash driveway – a crucial part of ensuring you have a beautiful driveway that compliments your home is to find the best way to pressure wash without damaging your driveway surface.

Many people leave their driveway cleaning due to the time and considerable effort it takes; or simply bring in a driveway cleaning company.

It takes some time and effort to clean a driveway, but the results are well worth it!



If you’re a house-proud person who enjoys their property looking tidy and welcoming, then the dirt that collects over time across your pathway. Thankfully, a pressure washer can help solve all of these issues with relative ease by eliminating dirt, grime and unsightly growth. You can achieve an excellent finish without having to sacrifice a full weekend to the task or resort to scrubbing on your hands and knees.


While the render on your house should last a lifetime, it will certainly get dirty. Traffic film and algae are the main complaints we hear about.

Cleaning the render on a house requires care and the right chemicals. An inexperienced person might damage your render irreversibly by cracking, splitting or shedding it from your walls. This happens with incorrect cleaning technique.

The right way to clean render is with ‘soft washing’. This is a gentle cleaning technique that washes away dirt, grime and algae with a cleaning agent and agitation (brushing). The grime is then washed away gently with water.

We are experts at soft washing house render. We clean normal render and monocouche render (through-colour render) to a high standard. We can also treat your render to prevent mould and algae from growing back.

If your render is looking dirty and old, having it cleaned will renew its appearance. The render beneath the film of dirt and grime is probably in excellent condition. We’ll bring this back so you can enjoy the beauty of your home once more.

Render may appear to be hardy, but it is actually quite delicate. House render cleaning should always be performed with soft washing. This is a technique we’re highly experienced in and we can complete most houses in one day.



Wooden decking is very popular in gardens right now but after a few heavy winters and plenty of use, real wood can begin to look tired and worn. Pressure washing is a useful option to help lift out deeply ingrained dirt and give your decking a new lease of life. However, because you’re dealing with a soft, natural substance, it’s a good idea to go gently.


Block paving

If you’re looking for advice and help on the best way to clean block paving and maintain your driveway or patio, then look no further!  which will tell you everything you need to know to keep your driveway or patio in tip top condition. If you use a power washer to clean your patio/driveway, the water jet should be angled at no more than 30° to the paved surface and sprayed diagonal across the joints. Cleaning blok paving drives by using a power washer that is too powerful (we advise no more than a medium pressure) and not adhering to this advice may mark the surface of some paving materials and break up the jointing material 



You can use a pressure washer with a gutter wand (hook-like curved attachment) to blast away all the accumulated debris in your gutters. You can just walk around the perimeter of your house and spray the inside of your gutters from the ground. It’s much safer and easier to get the job done.

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Are you worried about your dirty soffits diminishing the value of your home? However hard you try, cleaning difficult areas such as soffits, fascia, gutters, or barge-boards is tough. That’s why you need the help of a local pressure washing service to keep these hard-to-reach places looking great.

All Clean Pressure Washing professionals will get your soffits and gutters looking new in no time.



If your patio is showing its age then it’s probably just dirty. A jet wash will clean the surface of your patio to bring it back to a near new condition. We recommend having your patio jet washed once a year to keep it looking its best.
We can jet wash any patio with a hard surface, and we can also treat your patio for algae and lichen (algae and lichen make a patio slippery when wet). We can also remove mud that has accumulated between slabs and tough stains.


Canopies and cladding cleaning

It is important to maintain the structural integrity of canopy’s in order to prolong their lifespan and to ensure they remain safe and fit for purpose.

Canopies are often found at garden centres, schools, nurseries, over driveways and are an important addition to your property / building. At All clean pressure washing we can keep your structure looking clean and appealing.

If you have a canopy structure at the entrance of your building / premises, your canopy’s appearance is very important as your visitors may be influenced by this and it can affect their first impression of your business or organisation. Avoiding maintenance of your canopy could cost you dearly in the long run. To compliment this service, we also offer a domestic / commercial gutter clearing service which we can arrange at the same time of the clean.

We use varying techniques and chemicals to clean Canopy’s dependant on the fabric, depth of clean required and access etc and will always select the most appropriate methods for the task.


Conservatories add a valuable living space to many homes and come in all different shapes and sizes. A quality conservatory will not be cheap and so it should be viewed as an investment and will retain its value if looked after properly. As with anything, maintaining your conservatory will extend its life whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing to your friends, family, customers etc and can add value to your property.

Over a period of time, build-ups of dirt, algae and moss can leave your conservatory roof, windows and doors looking tired. Left unattended, it can lead to long-term damage such as discolouration.

At All Clean Pressure washing  our specialist conservatory cleaning team are able to clean all types and styles of conservatory whether they have poly-carbonate roofs, glass roofs, self-cleaning roofs or solid roofs. We can clean the glass, frames, guttering, finials, cresting, sills, doors and reach all awkward places. Furthermore, we also offer full internal conservatory valeting.


Farm and construction machinery

Pressure washers are extremely useful tools, removing stubborn dirt and grime, both in the industrial and domestic environments. The cleaning properties of water under pressure can be seen from a simple garden hose where, when the nozzle aperture is narrowed, the water is expelled in a thinner, more forceful jet. The high pressure washer works in a similar fashion except that the water is pressurised through a pump to increase power.


Play grounds & School's

Have you ever considered the importance of keeping playground structures cleaned regularly?  Most people do not bother with Pressure Washing Playground Equipment  This is because they assume rainwater and sunshine is sufficient and there really isn’t any reason for cleaning them. At All Clean Pressure Washing the health, safety and well-being of children is why we strive for excellence.  Therefore, we provide the industries’ top rated cleaning and sanitation protocols for every playground we clean.  Bacteria present can harm children, so we soft wash with proven sanitizing solutions.  Thus, it kills bacteria on contact and leave surfaces completely disinfected.


Solar Panel

A car that’s well-oiled and serviced runs better, so there’s no surprise that solar panels do their job more efficiently when they’re given the same level of attention.

Beyond the set of wheels in our garages, we like to keep our windows crystal-clear and free of grime, too. So why should cleaning our solar panel be any exception? The question should more be focused on when you need to put in the hard yards, and how frequently.

So in this post, we’re covering all of your biggest questions around how to adopt a productive solar panel maintenance routine. We’ll look at all the requirements across what you need to clean them with and how, as well as the main sources of dirt, and when you need to call in the professionals.



UPVC doors and windows are incredibly common these days. Being plastic it has great longevity, and keeps its colour, but this means that staining really builds up over time. This staining can be difficult to remove. Many windows and building exterior cleaners lack the expertise to bring UPVC to its best. Due to the height cleaning UPVC windows can be awkward.

Before cleaning your UPVC Doors and windows All clean pressure washing will undertake a very thorough inspection of the property. We will make sure there are no likely leaks from badly fitted or deteriorating UPVC. We do not want to get water where it should not be, on the inside of a property. We will then clean what we can from ground level using extendable water fed poles. This both maintains privacy, and keeps costs and risks down. Due to risk and the time spent, on scaffold erection for instance, working at height tends to be more expensive. As we are using low pressure technology there is practically none of the risk of the damage that is associated with high pressure washing. Where taller buildings are concerned we are totally covered and trained to work at height, and have access to both scaffold and cherry picker crane technology.


Industrial Roof Cleaning

General stubborn air pollution stains from a range of roof types including cladding sheeting, slate and concrete roof tiles.
Using a number of different methods we are able to clean your property’s roof back to its former glory.
Health and Safety is more important than ever when working on roofs.
We have a range of Health & Safety measures that we put into place depending on the roof type and gradient, varying from wearing 
full fall arrest equipment and harnesses, man safe systems, MEWPs or edge protection is always used, making our roof work as safe as possible.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is regarded by most as criminal damage and it can be a serious problem in some areas. If you have fallen victim to graffiti, you will probably be frustrated and upset, and we totally understand how you feel.

The good news is most graffiti can be removed. The correct removal technique depends upon the surface to which the graffiti has been applied.

For hard surfaces, we have had excellent results with graffiti removal gel which can remove permanent marker and aerosol paints.

Steam and pressure also work well on hard surfaces. Steam can help to break down permanent ink and aerosol paint. Pressure can then lift it away. Most graffiti is removable with a steam clean and pressure wash.

Whether we are removing graffiti from brick, concrete or aluminium, we will always recommend products and techniques that remove the graffiti while minimising damage on the substrate. Most substrates can be cleaned without damage.

Get rid of these ugly marks, stains, and streaks with customized pressure washing.